El-Ahrairah – Bathory Tribute (2011)

Posted: April 5, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Black Metal
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El-Ahrairah are a  black metal act from Minneapolis Minesota who are really into Watership Down (which rules.) They released a pretty awesome 3 track Bathory tribute tape that is worth listening to. I wouldn’t even bother trying to get a copy, as these kvlt as fvck dudes only made thirteen copies of it.  Buzzsaw guitars, grunted vocals and an apocalyptic atmosphere make this worth listening too.  I am also honing to  post their self titled release which is a lot more raw and atmospheric; along with “Untitled” which is one long, winding track. El-Ahrairah change with each release, and bring more to the table than most BM bands.

Special thanks to Funeral Stench for the heads up on these dudes.

El-Ahrairah – Bathory Tribute

El-Ahrairah- “S/T”

El-Ahrairah -“Untitled”

A Terre Records


  1. Oaklore says:

    The track you have labeled as “Untitled” is the third track off the S/T demo, called Llands.

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