My Dad Vs. Yours- Little Symphonies (2011)

Posted: April 4, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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You want happy? I’ll give you fucking happy. 44 minutes of the most upbeat post-rock you’ll ever listen to.

Everyone hates Mondays. Garfield spearheading the resistance, Monday is about the worst day. Ever. My Dad Vs. Yours from Canada is the pinnacle of feel-good post-rock and the perfect cure for your case of the Mondays. When I tell you, if pop-punk had a more mature older brother, this would be it. Though it sounds nothing like pop-punk, listening brings you absolutely nowhere but the happiest of places and replaces all your negative feelings with pure, white energy.

“En Plein Soleil” is the ultimate lead-in song and sets up the rest of the album: full of life, complex yet not overwhelming. That feeling never changed throughout this whole album. Everything on this album is unique, even though it seems like everything is written in major keys. The guitars are never too heavy and the samples they use are in French, which makes listening fun even though you may not understand what’s being said. My favorite track is “Carry The Weight”, which probably has the most upbeat…er, beat, on this entire album (which is saying a lot) and even though it’s significantly shorter than most of the other tracks, it delivers all the fun in half the time, which is the best part about it.

Rating: No album I have ever heard in the post-rock genre has given me a feeling like this album has. It’s so light, so fresh and so fun that it’s hard not to get into this album. Since I got it in February, this has been on repeat on my drives to school and is my #1 answer to the naysayers who think post-rock is just plain depressing. Yeah, try being sad when everything negative has been melted away by the sheer awesome that is Little Symphonies. 5/5 kegs.



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