Big’n “Spare The Horses” (2011)

Posted: April 4, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, album stream, noise rock
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With two albums, a split single with the all mighty SHELLAC and a split EP with Oxes, Big’n are no newbies to making a ruckus.  Hailing from the 90’s Chicago noise rock scene, Spare The Horses is the bands first release of new material since 1999.

Sounding just as pissed off, abrasive and coarse as ever,  Aikns vocals have changed a little bit but still has a menacing feel. Drummer Brian Wnukowski and bassist Mike Chartrand demonstrate their strong chops with frequent time changes, and a biting sound thank makes it all feel very hectic.

The first track “Assholes And Elbows”is a perfect example of the violent, cacophony sound that made these guys cult favorites in the noise rock scene.  Enjoy this taste of the EP and make sure to support these guys and buy the EP.

BIG’N – “Spare The Horses” gets 4 kegs out of 5.

DL: Big’N “Assholes and Elbows”

Buy from Africantape


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