Doi- Sing The Boy Electric (2006)

Posted: March 29, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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My hopes have been restored. A few months ago, I thought this band was dead. It was hard for me to listen to the album; they just disappeared, no notice, and I found it difficult to believe that a band, which got such critical acclaim for their first album, would just drop off the face of the Earth. As of February 13th, however, this band has showed signs of life and announced new material, ending their 5 year hiatus. In celebration, I re-wrote this formerly basic review.

They always get this Sigur Rós comparison, which is a double-sided blade. The vocals are incredible, soft and pretty, which is quite similar to Jónsi, but don’t go into this thinking this is a cover-band. Doi has a sound that’s reminiscent of old movies: the sound quality is intentionally poor, used to give off this feel that can connect with almost every listener. The vocals crackle, the background sounds fade in and out, but that’s part of the charm. “Ponds”, on the other hand, has a cleaner recording and is also my favorite track from this album. The guitar intro is probably one of my favorites (it was my text-message ringtone for forever) and the song as a whole takes you through a lot of different emotions. The most amazing part of this album is the fact that none of these tracks are bad. Every single song brings something new, something needed, to the album, and I don’t think they could change one thing that could make this album any better.

Rating: This album without a doubt gets a 5/5 kegs. One of my favorite post-rock albums of all time, Doi brings a flavor that not many bands can match. They’ll make you sing, they’ll make you cry, they’ll leave you hurt and used and empowered and strong. Please download this album and give it a try. You may not understand it at first, but let it grow on you. I spent 3 years trying to get an update on this band, and they made me feel exactly what their music makes me feel. Now that they are back, there’s hope.



  1. pwi says:

    i’m amazed how this band is one of the most unknown, yet one of the best bands of post-rock
    the album is incredible, if you know where to get lyrics, let me know

  2. hlup says:

    in rainy streets
    you’re draining me
    sometimes days
    they slip away
    in tides
    of liquid lives
    all liquidized
    where the moon
    is always full
    and all those cars. alarms.
    hold me in their arms
    and all their lullabies
    have cured me for a while
    and i still remember
    when you were a storm
    of any face
    in any place
    where the room
    is always full
    and all those cars. alarms.
    hold me in their arms
    and all their lullabies
    have cured me for a while
    and i still remember
    when you were a storm

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