Industries Of The Blind- Chapter 1: Had We Known Better

Posted: March 24, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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Ah, Brooklyn. Somehow, everyone in New York has some sort of 6 degrees from it. Both my parents were born there and some of my family still resides there, but I, myself, have only ventured there several times. It’s a world pizza capital, a cultural capsule of many different nationalities (from what I’ve seen, the majority are Italian), and may soon be the new central of post-rock. The way these guys came out, it doesn’t look like it’s falling into obscurity.

Industries Of The Blind is a nine-piece post-rock band, and they make the most of what they have. They have an insanely full-bodied sound that I think really takes listening to understand, but I’ll try my best to explain with meager words. There is absolutely no ingredients missing; they have the typical guitar, bass and drums structure that most post-rock bands have now-a-days. There is a definite difference that I think everyone should take notice of: you mix Cicada with Mogwai, and this is what you get. There’s a melancholic feel with every one of these songs (maybe minus the middle of “The Lights Weren’t That Bright, but Our Eyes Were So Tired”), and they bring this feeling not only with their toned-down guitars, but also with their extensive use of violin, which is phenomenal. This is the best accent violin I think I’ve heard in a band that’s not had it been it’s main instrument (Cicada).

The songs themselves are pretty long (10 minute average), which is necessary to get the full feel of a post-rock band when they release an album with 3 songs. The songs are never boring, which is a positive especially noted when you’re 7 minutes into the second of 3 songs. They have the standard wall-of-sound guitar parts, but the their second guitar part mixed with the incredible violin breaks up whatever monotony there could be and breathes a new, sad life into every song. My favorite song was, “Waiting And Waltzing In Airport Terminals” simply because the sound of it was exactly how I was imagining a song with that title should sound: sad, but with that old-time ballroom dance beat (from what little I know from dancing). The only drawback I have from this album is that underneath all this incredible music, the bass-line gets drowned out on occasion. I can forgive it, however, because everything on top of it makes up for the missing bass.

Rating: I don’t think I’ve heard a band all year, despite the 4’s and 5’s I’ve given, who’s sound is a full as these guys. It’s not their fault, IOTB has an advantage of 9 members which they exploit to the fullest. I’m seeing these guys for their album release show, and I’m incredibly excited, because I’ll be seeing one of my new favorite post-rock bands live in action. 4.5/5 kegs for an album I could listen to over and over again and always find something new that I’d never noticed before. If they can keep this up for Chapter 2, I don’t see how they can go this underground for any longer.



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