The Is This Revolutionary? Sustainability Plan

Posted: March 22, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in General Discussion, Long Island

Ricky’s been at this for way longer than I have, but somewhere around November, everything changed for us. Thanks to all of you guys out there reading our blog daily, we have grown tremendously, and we are so grateful for everything. The problem is, we don’t want to just have our 15 minutes of fame and then die. Oh, no, we want to keep bothering the shit out of you guys for years to come.

The trick is, at our given rate, we don’t have enough coal for the fires. See, Ricky and I are only 2 men. We can only keep the train going at full speed for so long. So, after some thought, we’d like to open this project up to some of you. We are asking anyone who can dedicate their time to write for us to do so.¬† I’ve asked a couple of you to already pick up your shovels, blacken your eyes and join the fight, but if there are maybe one or two more out there, contact us at and tell us you’d want to write for us and what you could bring to the table.

In addition, Joe Dorsey from Until Sunrise has already taken up arms and will be writing for us. He’s already written one review for us as a guest, and we welcome him as our first official Employee?.

Finally, in line with our Sustainability Project, we realize that this once every week interview Feature Friday has become way too strenuous on us as a group, so starting this Friday, Feature Friday interviews will be published on a bi-weekly basis. We will be having normal reviews on those off-Fridays, however.

So, in short, calling all newcomers, a warm welcome to Joe Dorsey, and goodbye weekly interviews.


Ben & Ricky

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