Is This Revolutionary? Family? Reunion 2011

Posted: March 17, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in General Discussion, Shows
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All right, guys. Summer’s coming and the depressing times are gone. That’s why, this summer, ITR? is proud to bring you our Family? Reunion: bands that stayed connected to us and helped form our giant post-rock collective.

Now, technically, this is all hypothetical. We’ve got many of the bands on board. The issue is: I really don’t have any idea how to actually book a place to play. I would love to see this show on Long Island, I really would, but I feel that the audience we’re trying to draw will be less than if we booked this in the city. We need all the help we can get to get this ball rolling, so if you have any booking experience in or around the NYC area, do not hesitate to email us. If you can contribute anything to this show, also email us. We’re trying to print out free ITR? Family? t-shirts to give to the bands and have some on sale for the crowd as well.

I’m not going to get everyone’s hopes up, so I’m not going to post the band list as of yet. We really need to get all of this saddled up before we release any more information, but I promise you, we will keep you informed.

Once again, the purpose of announcing this was to see if anyone could help us book a place. I have absolutely no experience booking anything, so any help would be fan-flipping-tastic.

Here’s to a happy and healthy St. Patrick’s day. If you’re Irish and Edge, be proud to break the stereotype. If you’re more of a party kind of person, be merry and stay safe.


Ben & Ricky

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