Matterhorn- Death Stare

Posted: March 15, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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After a talk with a friend of mine and listening to this album, I realize now that no one featured on this blog is really into it for the money. The people who submit their work to this blog as well as the music we post up nine times out of ten are here doing it for the art, and this man is no exception.

It must be hard being a musician. People expect the same shit from you album in an album out. They must feel really chained in sometimes by the genre they are set in. For people like Egadz, however, it’s no problem: just start a side project. I spoke to him before writing this, and his explanation really blew me away. In his own words,

Matterhorn is just a side project where part of me really loves the psychedelic sound. After 9 or 10 years of making electronic music, I wanted to kind of switch things up, give it a different name, and have some fun with it. It’s just a different way of being creative, and even as of now I sort of feel like I suffocate my creativity to try to make cohesive projects. In the end, I think it makes it in there somehow.

Breaking away from his normal sound, Matterhorn takes you on another journey. Significantly calmer and collected than We Want Neutrinos, Death Stare pushes Egadz into a different direction, one with similar drum tracks, but trippy guitars and a more atmospheric presence. Proving that he can make more than ill hip-hop beats, Death Stare expands upon his talent and is a shining example of how great musicians can make their art in more than one way. I’ll be honest, “Monomania” I hated until the last half and a few of their songs use similar samples from We Want Neutrinos, but these songs are different all together; they have a slower, less dramatic drum lines and swirling sounds rising above his already famous beats. I really enjoyed “Plaid Parade”.

Rating: Building off of the enormous respect I had for him already, Egadz definitely brings a different sound with Matterhorn. It’s chill, it’s calming but at the same time it’s entertaining. 4/5 kegs.

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