Simon Little- Mandala (2010)

Posted: March 14, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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This guy has a lot of the same features as Family? member Matt Stevens. They play looped stringed instruments parts, very complex lines and deliver an atmospheric vibe at times. Where they split apart is as follows:

Simon Little tries to do a lot with a little. He plays with so much creativity, so much passion, that his bassist parts are insane. His lead track was a really cool beginning to the album because he mainly had this atmospheric sound, but then had this odd bass solo at the end. The more and more I listened, the more they seemed to pop out (little baby ones in “West Of Eden”). The problem isn’t the solos themselves, but Little is so quick to play them sometimes that they don’t really go with the quiet, steady flow of the album. They just kind of stick out like a sore thumb sometimes; they’re kind of hard to miss.

“Calling Out” is by far my favorite track off this album. He does keep his solos in with the rhythm pretty much, and the rest of the track is just so pretty.

Rating: Yeah, so if you like insanely fast bass solos, pick this up. I feel that where Simon Little really shines isn’t what he’s playing, but the music that he plays behind. Some of it can be so peaceful and calming. Overall, though, I didn’t really care for this album. Mr. Little is a very talented musician, but he needs to keep his playing in line and show his stuff in another way. 2/5 Kegs.


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