Radius System- Architects of Yesterday

Posted: March 9, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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First off, some background information about this band. I think they…well, he….says it best, but in my own words, Greg is a really great guy. He’s extremely witty, so much so that it crossed language barriers (his English is quite good, actually). He’s also a very friendly and personable guy, someone who I enjoyed talking to very much, and regret having not kept in touch. This is what he has to say on his project:

Greg Hoepffner:  Axel (bass) and I started this band, I play pretty much everything,  in 2001 after spending some time trying to program songs on our computers. We were too shy to find other band mates at the time, but we tried to make it a live band from 2004 to 2008 and now we’re back to being a “studio” project. Besides Radius System, we play together in another band called Painting By Numbers and we have started making cheap videos for a couple of years under the name Radius Labs. Musically speaking, as Radius System, we try to make melancholic and cinematic indie songs, coming from a rock background to evolve towards something less…obvious, I guess! Oh, and we come from Paris, France, but we hate singers that sing in English with a French accent. And…we never ate any frogs (at least not that I can remember).

When I tell you, their previous album Escape/Restart touched me in my core. It woke up feelings inside of me I didn’t even realize I was feeling. I hoped they’d duplicate that with this release.

This was Greg’s album. Totally. I mean, he wrote and produced this album on his own (Axel left the band and now does Painting By Numbers). According to his interview with us, this album is his final masterpiece; it took years to record, and he has been saving all these lyrics for the perfect opportunity to allow them to unfold. And that he did…

You can really feel the emotion pouring out of these songs. Even he said it himself:

…[I]t’s the saddest, best, and last Radius System album.

His vocals seriously matured from E/R. Instead of his screamo-vocals in some of his earlier work, Greg mellowed out his sound and stayed in a very comfortable voice range (minus one time in “Curators”). Now, is this my all-time favorite? No, because I feel like his screams gave E/S so much depth, but this is depth at another level. The sound evolved musically from a light sound-scape to almost a constant, crashing wall of distorted guitars, pounding drums and just…sadness. He really dives into the emo aspect of this band, which isn’t better or worse, just different. His lyrics, though, are absolutely mind-blowing. This album is by-far the better album lyrically; the overwhelming feeling of tragedy is further expanded upon by his beautiful choices of words. Favorite song: “Parallel Notebooks”.

Rating: I had been dreading reviewing this for a while because I was afraid what day I was going to review it; if I was having a really shitty time, I would have given this a 5/5, but if I was just listening to Escape/Restart and put this on, I don’t know if I would have made it to a 2. What I can tell you is that, completely unbiased, Architects of Yesterday is a pretty good album. It’s emotion-laden and pretty, if you’re expecting a duplicate of Escape/Restart, you better think again. 3.5/5 Kegs.

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