Matt Stevens- Ghost (2010)

Posted: March 7, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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All of a sudden, my personal Twitter account was being followed by this guy and his band. More on the band later.

My only exposure to this type of music was when I bought Pure Moods III in 1999. His name was Jesse Cook, and up until now, I had no idea that guitarist was Canadian. Well, this guy has a very similar sound to his music: guitars upon guitars upon guitars. The concept may not sound so interesting in theory, but in execution it sounds really, really good. He makes this multi-part mesh of music purely from guitars, but they serve as almost the whole band: a repetitive, loop-based, beat-keeping guitar riff for drums, a lower guitar part substituting for bass and a normal guitar line that drives the sound. Though I am almost completely positive this man could not play his music live (unless he was Shiva), the sound is incredibly complex and pretty unique. Also, though its all the same instrument, the parts sound so different that you never really get bored of the sound.

Some of his songs, like “Big Sky” are super intricate, with each part building this layer of a giant, guitar-laden cake. Others, like the next track, “Eleven” are very simple, but have a super catchy and pretty feel. “Draw” started out really cool, but then gets a little too experimental for his own good with his groove, and the ending starts to sound like really awful music for a town in Pokemon. My favorite track off this album is probably “Burnt Out Car” because it has this dreamy sound and catchy beat throughout the whole song. This guy really knows his technical shit, more than I could ever begin to understand, so if you’re into that, he includes his notes on each of his songs in a nice, little PDF.

Author’s note: Yes, on occasion, he will use drums in his songs, but for the most part, it’s a guitar-only jubilee.

Rating: It’s not very often that you get to hear something as unique as this. He really is a “one-man orchestra” of guitars and the occasional drum or triangle. This definitely deserves 4/5 kegs. With only one bad track and 9 other very good tracks, pick this up, and you will not be disappointed in the least.



  1. Matt Stevens says:

    Thanks very much 🙂

    Really appreciate you reviewing Ghost – word of mouth is vital to independent musicians 🙂

  2. Chris Picton says:

    Really enjoy Matt’s music, you should check him out and good to see an independent musician in this genre getting recognition. Great review

  3. […] Okay, I listened to his album once and I knew I had to bring this guy in for questioning. His sound is so unique and he is so completely talented that to not pick his brain would be a crime against humanity. He’s a great guy just to speak to and just an all around nice person, so check out what he has to say. AND, if you didn’t download his EP, freaking do it already. […]

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