ITR? Updates

Posted: March 2, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in General Discussion

All right, today’s been a big day. We’re just cluing you guys in.


1. No, there probably won’t be a music post today. I got hammered with stuff and Ricky’s…well, Ricky.


2. We’ve decided, and we’re going to completely change our blog’s layout. Nothing is going to change with how we run it, we just need someone who knows how to code CSS and will do it for cheep.


3. Family?, heed the call. We’re all in this together, and by reviewing each other, we form stronger bonds. Bandmembers, you hear an album you want to review? Send it in to . We’ll give full credit to you and a link back to any page you want, and you’ll lighten the load on us a little. A Little Solidarity Goes A Long Way. (Get it? :D)


4. Finally, we’re starting to get the ball rolling on our Family? Reunion festival. I know I’ve spoken to a couple of you about it, but if you’re part of a band and want to come down, or if you’re down with ITR? and can help out a bit with planning or something, hit us up. Somehow.


Viva La Revolution?,



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