Fishing The Sky- Demo (2011)

Posted: February 28, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, album stream, Reviews
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Combine The American Dollar, The Postal Service and a trip-hop beat, and you have Fishing The Sky, a one-man music machine coming from Salem, Massachusetts. I honestly don’t know how he pulls off playing live shows, but somehow the man does it with just his laptop, his base guitar and his drum-set. It’s pretty impressive to say the least, and it’s even more impressive that this doesn’t sound empty, or like shit. The music is very electronically ambient, hence the laptop, but I never really get that “lost somewhere in the space-time-continuum, with no hope and no light” feel, which is a definite plus. It always has this sort of personable feel, which is kind of hard to explain to someone who hasn’t heard him yet. I think that’s where that The Postal Service feel comes in: these little electric stutters and complex beats set sometimes an eerie mood, but I never feel fully in despair. It’s just really nice background music or a theme for driving long distances in the rain. The song titles remind me a little of Minus the Bear, with “You Just Got Niced” and “Kiwi Strawberry Ruined My Life” bringing this continued playful feel. Though I feel like this band has a lot of personality, I feel like it gets lost as the album progresses. In 4 songs, Fishing The Sky brings you from this pretty, calming feel to this sad, spacey sound, straight back to this entertaining beat at the end of the last song, bringing back the personality of the first 2 songs. My favorite track is “You Just Got Niced”.

Rating: “Hope You Like Beer!”, though a fun title, brought the mood of this demo to a full 180. I can’t overlook it, but I can embrace it just how I embraced the others. If this is just a demo tape, and if he continues what he laid out in “You Just Got Niced”, with a great, kind of up-tempo beat behind electronic melodies, his full length is going to rock.  3.5 kegs out of 5.



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