Kid Ikarus- Self-Titled (2010)

Posted: February 24, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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Quite possibly one of the best Explosions In The Sky/This Will Destroy You cover band. Ever.

It took me about 10 album play-throughs and one very pensive car ride to figure out what was going on here. On one hand, I was thinking, these guys are incredible; they have such a great sound. On the other hand, I kept asking myself, Where have I heard this before? And then genius struck: those lonely, well-defined guitar melody in front of the simple, yet intense, drum beat could be taken from your personal copy of The Earth Is Not A Cold, Dead Place [“Silver & Gold”, “Better To Listen Than To Talk”]. The insane guitar riffs behind that constant wall of sound, complete with a very noticeable bass guitar? Straight out of This Will Destroy You’s eponymous first studio album. Not that it’s truly an issue, because if they tried ripping them off and were horrible at it, then it may be a little insulting. Alas, Kid Ikarus executes the plays from these incredible playbooks pretty well, showing that they have great talent. “Sinking Ships” is my favorite off this album; it has serious fury towards the middle and a very featured bass guitar part, which I happen to love in post-rock. If you are a fan of Explosions In The Sky/This Will Destroy You, consider picking this one up.

Rating: The sound, though not there own, demands at least 4/5, but I have to charge them a little for unoriginality. 3.5/5 kegs.



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