Our Ceasing Voice- When The Headline Hit Home (2011)

Posted: February 22, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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I heard a song by these guys on the Post-Rock Facebook Page and immediately fell in love. Even though it was taken out of the context of the entire album, it goes to show that even song-by-song, this is incredible.

Our Ceasing Voice is a 4-man post-rock band from Austria who tell a fantastic story, even before pressing play. The cover of When The Headline Hit Home sets the stage: a man lying dead in the middle of a street, being completely ignored by all the passing humans around him. The swirling images and burning car-wrecks just set the stage for a similar, emotional wreck.

This album dips between 2 styles of post-rock: the ambient and the driven. The first track, as well as many others, have this melancholic aura surrounding them, complete with crescendo-ing walls of sound and eerie piano behind whispering, distressed vocals. The use of wind-chimes give this sense of being outside, completely alone, with the bitter cold wind against your face. And then, the emotion truly sets in. Choirs behind a voice almost unheard in post-rock: strong, deep, manly, but at the same time, beautiful. Crashing cymbals, blast-beat bass drums and screaming guitar turn the sadness on it’s head, giving a glimpse of hope through the darkness. I swear, I finished this album completely drained of emotion. His voice continues to echo through my head, even while everything else is silent. My favorite track was “Hopes Of Yore”. It completely sums up this album: beautiful, powerful and thought-provoking.

Rating: 5/5 Kegs. Definitely in the running for one of my favorite albums this year.



  1. […] bands that walk that tightrope are Our Ceasing Voice, those who read us regularly may know them as “that Austrian band Ben gave a really high mark for”, and Satory, a band I knew nothing about walking into this recording. Had they not shared this EP […]

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