Sunlight Ascending- You Don’t Belong Here (2010)

Posted: February 21, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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We try to honor some of our family by giving them a chance to take a personal part of Is This Revolutionary?. This one comes from Joe from Until Sunrise, someone who I keep in touch with quite frequently and consider a friend of mine. Check them out after you check out this article.

There are two types of post-rock that really makes me happy. One type relies purely on emotional impact and composition. This is Sigur Rós’s domain: it’s generally very soft, composed and heartbreaking. Then there’s post-rock with raw energy: music that makes you want to throw your arms up toward the sky while you bask in the sound. This is the type of music You Don’t Belong Here by Sunlight Ascending is like. These guys are exploring a faster and heavier sound that isn’t as present on their debut.

The instrumentation is conventional: three guitars, a bass and drums. The bass has a crunchy/punk-y sound to it that drives the music forward while the guitars soar over the drums. Speaking of drums, this is one of the most impressive aspects of this EP; they are extremely creative and constantly morphing without overpowering the other instruments.

Each song is different enough from each other. “Diorama Dream” starts slow, but becomes a heavy jam reminiscent of Gifts From Enola. “This Was Your Place” is a beautiful guitar-driven interlude. ” The Golden Plain” is my favorite track; it starts with guitar ambiance and a low rumble in the background that sounds like a gentile breeze blowing. What follows is post rock fused with progressive rock that ends with a gentile swell. Finally “Old Friends Part Ways” is a typical post-rock song that is very good, but unfortunately starts to sound very repetitive.

You Don’t belong here is a very slight improvement over their debut, in my honest opinion. These kids (yes, they are currently between the ages of 17 and 24) are just dipping their toes into their full potential. The album can overstay it’s welcome at points when the music starts to get repetitive, but it’s still a fantastic recording.

Now excuse me while I go outside and listen to this album again. I’ll be basking in the sunlight.

Rating: 4/5 kegs.


Joe from Until Sunrise.

  1. monowave says:

    this album (and really, every artist on this label) is incredible. glad people are listening to it.

  2. TheFreak says:

    Amazing record! Live it is thrilling to no end!

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