Mooncake- Zaris (2010)

Posted: February 14, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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I was completely blown away in 2008 by Mooncake’s Lagrange Points. In fact, probably one of my favorite songs of all time is “Rain In The Ashtray”. The generally unknown Russian post-rock 4-piece from Moskau has been pretty much undiscovered and under-appreciated. In fact, for a while, I had no idea how to see if Mooncake was even still together anymore [Author’s note: same thing with Doi. Edit: Doi has, in fact, broken up]. Once I found out they had released a new single, I jumped on the chance to finally review one of my favorite post-rock bands.

Though it was only a single for their newest release in 2011 (we’ll keep you posted), only good things came from this release. I’ll admit, the track “Zaris” itself was nice, but wasn’t up to their standard of quality. Then “Mooncake” came and everything finally fell into align. Back to their normal selves, “Mooncake” was relaxing and energetic, ambient as well as dynamic. The horns in Mooncake was such a surprise (considering they were missing in all of 2008) and really proved how talented this band can be. Because it’s so short, I can’t exactly give this a normal keg-ed rating, but what I can say is that it’s worth it just to hear how great of an album they’re going to release this year.

2011 is going to be a golden year for music: Earth (we’ll get to it), And So I Watch You From Afar, Maybeshewill, Mogwai and Explosions In The Sky are all putting out albums. Even though all that incredible talent is being showcased, don’t forget Mooncake, the sleeper band that will sweep you away.



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