Blind Architect- EP 2011

Posted: February 10, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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[Author’s note: I’ve never been more wrong on the use of instruments in these songs. Edited.]

All right, Finland! I think this is the first Finnish band I’ve ever reviewed/seen. Welcome to the party.

I’m assuming everyone reading this has already listened to at least one piece by Godspeed You! Black Emperor. You know how they have 22-minute songs, but there really 5 or 6 that are just titled together? Now imagine that in songs about 7 minutes. You now know the chaos known as Blind Architect.

Okay, the first song, “Sixth”, blew my mind. It was just incredibly epic, complete with dramatic cello and complementary group vocals (think the latter part of Maybeshewill’s “He Films The Clouds Pt. 2”). The lyrics were short, emotional and the vocals were just the same: sad, but with a slight tinge of hope. Seriously beautiful work on the first song. Probably one of the most emotionally uplifting songs I’ve heard this year. Back to the GY!BE reference, the song dips between soft and piano-led to a driving guitar part to a exclusively vocal-and-cello part to a 20,000-member-choir part to…etc. You get the picture. Never really staying with one sound too long, “Sixth” is an explosion of emotion.

And then you get to the other part of never staying with one sound: “March Like You Used To”. In what seems to be a protest about military involvement, The vocals, now angry, meet up with a French Horn. With a snare drum beat out of your favorite college bowl game, you truly get the feeling of the military. My issues with this song are that the French Horn is really disgusting sounding on it’s own with just the vocals and that the vocals themselves were just too whiny to match up with the anger of this track. Davey Havok with a little less vocal control on this track. And then it switches to really pretty, bass driven segment, pretty much ditching the sound of the beginning couple of minutes. And then it switches again to this guitar-swirling mass of exploding crash symbols and heavy guitar that sounds like Gifts From Enola’s self-titled. What I will end with is that the French Horn without any vocals on top of the whirlwind of sound really sounded great. The track starts off awful and then wraps up with a killer ending.

“KCW” is again in another direction, only this time the sound is Black Metal. The beginning vocals once again aren’t working like “Sixth”, and sound unnaturally forced into the piece. Once they leave though, they’re back on the right foot, complete with the return of the epic violin. These guys can really play heavy shit. They return to the vocals at around 3 minutes and begin to sound like one of those metal bands with pseudo-opera singers like Manowar. Not into it. They finish up, however, with a continuation of their heavy shit, only this time include this xylophone. They then go back to a positive, uplifting sound like “Sixth”. I really enjoyed the ending of this album. Seriously enjoyed.

Now, normally my reviews are not like this, but it feels like this band has multiple-personality disorder within the same song. Not that it’s wrong, but to not cover all the changes that happen within each song is to mislead someone into thinking they may like the entire average 9 minute song, which may not be the case.

Rating: Their talent is that they can pull of their crazy genre-switching spectacular with great ease. The sound itself never really feels forced. Even from going from really heavy to spacey, they make the transition with grace. The negative is their decision on vocals. Sometimes, they rocked it like in “Sixth” or the middle of “KCW”, where they don’t force it, and they use it almost like another instrument. Other times, because the vocalist never really changed up his style of singing (always had the same sound as the one in “Sixth”), the vocals sounded out of place. Musically, they are very talented, unique, and an interesting listen. Their instruments themselves beg for a 4/5, but their misuse of their vocals in 2/3 songs warrant this a 2/5. 3/5 kegs for an interesting sound and almost flawless genre transitions.



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    Beneficial blog post, I look forward to fresh news of your stuff.

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