Sky Flying By- Do They Still Make Lighthouses? (2011)

Posted: February 9, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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Author’s note: I wrote this about a while before I posted it. I sound like a nutjob. I realized this. I can’t change it though.


The album name struck me as odd. Well, of course they still make lighthouses. Did they stop making boats? I really wanted to figure out what it was all about. I did.

Sky Flying By is a solo music project, but the sound would throw you off. Not that he could really play this live, but the fact that this all came from one guy’s head is incredible. That’s simply because, at this moment, you haven’t heard the effort he put into this album. Not only that, but the pamphlet is incredible. From first glance, it really doesn’t seem at all like he’s in this for the money or fame. Then, you read his band bio:

This whole thing was started years and years ago, but got serious in an attempt to fight a major depressive disorder; so far its working. This music is recorded and released to make it more real, and to provide a series of goals and objectives for me. Keeps my head above water.

I feel like I really feel it. There is such a distant, ambient feel to this album. I feel alone, but not lonely. There’s such clarity in his melody lines, in front of a dense wall of sound. I feel like he’s making a path for me through all the disorder. Like, if I ever get lost in the sound, there’s his melody line there to bring you back on the road, back where you belong. I am having an issue describing it. I think that’s the lighthouse, guiding me through the fog.

Okay, now for the technical stuff. He’s really ambient. Like, super. The instruments aren’t that varied, but it’s one guy. Above any technical skill though should be his regard for tone and mood. It’s what I’d listen to if I was driving by myself on an open, empty highway until sunrise. And then on. Please, download this. Whenever you’re feeling sad, listen and bring yourself from the depths.

Rating: 4/5 kegs for an emotional experience. Thank you.



  1. […] David, a fellow edgeman and post-rock enthusiast,  is in this really good one-man project called Sky Flying By. I don’t get to hear from him as often as I’d like, so when he sends me something, it […]

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