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I got word that a date was added in Columbus, OH on April 11th at Carabar. dont sleep on it kids! Download some unreleased Pygmy Lush Tracks below!

March 4 – Baltimore, MD at Charm City
March 8 – Washington, DC at the Black Cat
March 9 – Richmond, VA at Strange Matter
March 10 – Chapel Hill, NC at the Nightlight
March 11 – Columbia, SC at Hunter Gatherer
March 12 – Asheville, NC at TBA
March 13 – Jacksonville, FL at Warehouse 8B
March 14 – Tallahassee, FL at the Farside
March 15 – Tampa, FL at Transitions Gallery
March 16 – Gainesville, FL at the Wayward Council
March 17 – Atlanta, GA at the Drunken Unicorn
March 18 – Athens, GA at the Caledonia Lounge
March 19 – Birmingham, AL at the Spring Street Fire House
March 20 – New Orleans, LA at the Euclid Records
March 21 – Baton Rouge, LA at Perkins Parlour
March 22 – Austin, TX at TBA
March 23 – Tulsa, OK at the Sound Pony
March 24 – Albuquerque, NM at Blackbird Buvette
March 25 – Phoenix, AZ at Sound Kontrol
March 26 – San Diego, CA at TBA
March 27 – Santa Barbara, CA at the Biko
March 28 – Oakland, CA at TBA
March 29 – Santa Rosa, CA at the Arlene Francis Center
March 30 – Portland, OR at Red and Black Café
March 31 – Olympia WA at the Northern
April 1 – Seattle, WA at Healthy Times Fun Club
April 2 – Missoula, MT at Zootown Arts
April 4 – Minneapolis, MN at TBA
April 5 – Beloit, WI at the C-Haus
April 6 – Carbondale, IL at Hangar 9
April 7 – Louisville, KY at Keswick Democratic Club
April 8 – Chicago, IL at Strangelight
April 9 – Detroit, MI at the Trumbullplex
April 10 – Cincinnati, OH at Goetz Alley
April 11 – Columbus, OH at Carabar
April 12 – Cleveland, OH at Now That’s Class
April 13 – Ithaca, NY at The GreenStar Annex
April 14 – Northampton, MA at TBA
April 15 – Boston MA at TBA
April 16 – Brooklyn, NY at the Acheron

Pygmy lush – In A Hole (via ROBOTIC EMPIRE)

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