Chiaroscuro- Self-Titled (2010)

Posted: February 7, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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Where the hell is Shelbyville?

A town in Indiana, home to 17,951 people. 3 of the arguably most important people are in this band right here, Chiaroscuro. The name means:

The interplay or contrast of dissimilar qualities, pictorial representation in terms of light and shade without regard to color.

But they mean so much more than that. Despair, solitude, I feel so alone while listening to their EP, but yet I cannot stop. The emotions that pour from this album are incredible. The guitar alone in “The Fall of An Empire” is enough to probably go on a top 10 list of tracks this year, and it’s only February. Honestly, I could listen to it over and over again and still get goosebumps. No electronic sounds, no fancy editing, just 3 good guys from a no-name town in the middle of American who make incredible post-rock. Touring with Caspian right now, they are already being recognized for their talent.

The balance of this album is incredible. The power and the elegance, the beauty and the ferociousness of this album is unmatched. This could be one of the most epically written albums since Tertia. Some people think that post-rock is just finding meaning in crescendos, but these guys truly mastered the craft. The only thing I wish I could have heard on this album, just because I know they could have done it so well, was a totally acoustic track. If they could ever do one, that album would probably receive an automatic 5/5 from me. In the spirit of Niño Koi, these guys make frequent use of their bassist, which is commonly covered up by the 2 guitarist pattern being shown by many recent post-rock bands. They use their guitar, however, in a way that’s quite unique. While many bands use delay pedals extensively in their work, the sounds from their guitar are very staccato at a lot of points, making for a unique, melody-driven band. Do they try to paint a landscape with their walls of crashing sound? Not really (on occasion), but they play great heart-felt post-rock nonetheless. Great work.

Rating: 4/5 kegs



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