Time Columns- Sunriseinthesea

Posted: February 4, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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You’ll shit bricks. I promise.

Things you probably didn’t know about Time Columns:

1. They’re only two people. Yes, 2 people. Download this album, reread this sentence. Let it sink it.

2. They’re fresh out of Maryland.

3. Their Gibson Echoplex is the key to their entire operation.

4. They’re incredible.

Now back to the action. These guys are absolute geniuses. In 5 tracks (4 seasons and a floral one), they will blow you away with their groovy, yet complex, sound. Sure, do they sound a little bit like the instrumental version of Maps & Atlases at some point? Yeah, but they develop it into a psychedelic sound of their own; a sound that is truly 100% unique. At some points, just absolute rhythmic clutter reminiscent of 65daysofstatic. At other points, such clarity and bliss. Favorite track was “Summer”.

Rating: 5/5 powder kegs. I can’t honestly describe this. Maybe later on I’ll rewrite this, adding more detail and such, but for right now, hearing is believing. I never would have thought anything this good could come from 2 people.






  1. Joe Dorsey says:

    And you thought I was exaggerating when I said they were awesome hahaha. I think we deserve another half keg 😛

  2. […] our review for their first EP: HERE and our interview with them: HERE (with the late Joe […]

  3. […] band that seems genuine. It’s the same thing I feel when I hear bands such as Sky Flying By, Time Columns and Deadhorse: bands that aren’t trying to be the next Mono or Mogwai, but just make some […]

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