Echoes From Jupiter- Europa (2011)

Posted: February 3, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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One of my friends recommended this band a while back. I said I wasn’t going to go out of my way to listen to them. It’s a creepy coincidence that they sent over their demo a couple of days ago. Goosebumps worthy.

All right, this post-rock band from Quebec City (Canada) does a lot of good shit here. I think I should go over that before touching the one or 2 negatives. First, instrumentally, they’re beautiful. Their name does them a lot of justice, as they are quite atmospheric. Not as in The American Dollar; they are closer to God Is An Astronaut with a lot of the feelings of these songs. These guys are quite talented, bringing a balance of spacey, delicate post-rock with screaming guitar and electronic sounds. Though emotions don’t run low throughout this release, it’s simply standard post-rock. Not saying this is bad, but there’s nothing that hasn’t been already said. My favorite track (even though it had vocals, which now you should know it’s that good) was “Exosphere Panic”. It really summed up this entire album: powerful crescendos of guitar walls of sound in front of electronic backgrounds. But, what made it different that all the others was the anger that I got from it. The rage that I got from the torrent of guitars mixed with the explosions of the crash symbol, all mixed together with vocals that sound like they’re being said over a megaphone created an experience of almost a war-like environment. Really cool. And even past that, there’s a mini guitar solo into a wave of sound with a hardcore-punk influence. This track had it all.

Negatives include boring/useless/annoying tracks in the album. Stay away from: Radio Waves, *Exploding Neighbors* [Fucking hated].

Rating: 3.5/5 for a band with actually a whole lot more heart and soul than I might have given the impression of. These guys really take it to you on a lot of these tracks. And with songs that vary between either 7 minutes or less than a minute, you’re normally able to skip the excess fluff of this album and really hit the post-rock where this band excels.





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