Vaccine – Crimes In Blood

Posted: February 2, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, hardcore, punk, Reviews
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Vaccine, is a  hardcore supergroup  that hails from Western Massachusetts and features members of Ampere, Orchid, Glue, and Failures.  “Crimes in Blood” is the juggernaut follow-up to 2010’s “Human Hatred”

“Crimes In Blood” is being released as a 5″ through Painkiller Records. This quick hit five song blast of Straight Edge fury and rage clocks in at under 2 minutes,  I cant seem to get enough of this ep.  DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS ONE.

Make sure to catch them at  Death By Audio on March 4th with Paint It Black, Iron Chic, Punch And Zombie Dogs, sure to be a hell of a show.

Vaccine – Crimes In Blood gets five out of five kegs. SXE Hardcore done right. 

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