Bergmál- Under Månen Lever Jag

Posted: February 2, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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Checked their Last.FM page. Some one put, “hate this band.” Serious overreaction, just saying…

Sweden’s Bergmál has had a rocky start. Their first release in 2009 fell to unfavorable reviews. This was a giant step in the right direction.

Taking elements from bands such as This Will Destroy You and Explosions in the Sky, this band has really come into their own. Electronic blips mixed with electronic guitar isn’t exactly anything new to the post-rock scene, but with the addition of mixed Swedish and English samples, it brings a new feel to the table. The first song, Fortsättning, feels like it goes on forever, and the boring sound of it’s sample didn’t exactly start off this album on the right foot (maybe I was biased because I couldn’t understand it). Then, with Hindenburg, it swing the album in a total opposite direction, sounding a lot like This Will Destroy You’s self-titled start. The samples are Swedish in the beginning (which grew on me) and an English news broadcast (of what, I do not know), but the sound of it and the desperate words of the news anchor really brings out a sad feel. This is probably tied as my favorite track on the album. It really wraps up nicely with Dagdrömmar, a sound with a faster pace than most of the tracks on this album and slight vocals that I actually really enjoyed. They didn’t even say anything, but they really added to the meaning of the song (think Caspian’s Malacoda). As one of my 2 favorite tracks of this 6 song album, it really left me on a high note. Tuned up, the guitars energize the sometimes slow parts of this album and makes it actually a pretty nice listen through.

Rating: 2.5 kegs for an album with a whole lot of highs and lows. The songs in the middle were pretty much forgettable, but the 2 tracks I mentioned plus  Luftfärden blew me away. If they can duplicate what they were feeling when they made those songs and turned that into an entire album, it’d be heavenly. Although, those 3 tracks couldn’t exactly save the entire album, it really gave me hope for future releases from this band. They have really grown since 2009 and I can’t wait to hear what’s next.




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