Crooked Fangs- Poolside Summer Knights

Posted: January 18, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, album stream, Reviews
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Damn it, I was ready to rip this apart.

Small-time, unsigned hardcore bands are flashing, neon lights, saying, “NO TALENT. DON’T LISTEN”. When these guys sent me over their EP, all I wanted to do was give a bad review. What actually happened was something completely different.

Crooked Fangs is a four-piece hardcore band from San Diego, California. The energy these guys have is incredible. From song to song, these guys change a lot of their sound, which is cool. “Double Rapped” sounds a lot like late 80’s-to-early 90’s hardcore (think Gorilla Biscuits) and has great crowd vocals. They totally change is up in the next song (my favorite), “Fire Up The Hooks”, with a sound very much like Verse with a crowd chant tha’s very Slapshot-esque in it’s simplicity (annoying opening noise though, keep the ending coughs). Suprisingly, if you listen to the vocals, I think you’ll agree that they sound a lot like Defiance, Ohio at some parts (yes, I know, totally different genre). It’s the rawness, the passion of it, that really makes it sound from the heart and also gives it it’s low-fi hardcore feel. I really enjoyed this band because they always switched it up; they never stuck to one hardcore sound (and sometimes branched into pop-punk [“Purifiers”]) and the vocals are so unique that you will fall in love.

Rating: 3/5 kegs. Yeah, it blows that you can’t download this for free, especially since the band is unsigned, but for $2, it’s not a bad pick-up at all. If this album is ever remastered, it will become a classic for this band. It’s really a great start, and someone should sign them very soon.



  1. Forrest Fangs says:

    It’s free now for who ever wants it!

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