Cecilia::Eyes- Here Dead We Lie

Posted: January 11, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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This album was so beautiful that I don’t think words do it justice. It was so airy, so thought-provoking, that it really is hard to describe. This 5-piece post-rock band from Belgium really hammered it home on this album.

It starts off with these voices in reverse, which really creeped me out but was also a note of interest because I never really heard anything like that in an album before. Then, in “Anthem For Doomed Youth”, the contrast in vocal samples really stuck to me and opened my eyes to what I’ve been exposed to.

My favourite track, however, was “50 Years Under The Tent”. The song, though 10 minutes long, really captivated me. The piano was just so peaceful, and then the wall of crashing sond breaks the mood and is honestly something that needs to be heard to be understood. The vocals were angelic, I swear.

The ending scared the crap out of me, just saying. I jumped like 10 feet in the air. Watch out for that.

Rating: 5 out of 5 kegs for just sheer genious.



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