Deadhorse- We Can Create Our Own World (2010)

Posted: January 10, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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Warning: This shit’s intense.

Deadhorse, with their first release, has sprung onto the scene like no other band has for quite a while. Seriously, everyone I’ve spoken to has said something along the lines of, “Yeah, just got that new Deadhorse EP. Some solid shit there,” or “Dude, I totally want to play a show with Deadhorse. They have to be amazing live.” Just some honest, good ol’ fashioned post-rock. No bells and whistles to distract you from a lack of talent.

Oh, there’s no shortage of talent here. This 5-piece band from Erie, Pennsylvania (also the home of xRepresentx) have been hard at work, distributing their fantastic album to the masses. Now, if other bands were as good as this, they’d certainly make you pay for their music. Deadhorse, however, have their album and an additional 3 other live albums for absolutely free. They do it for the love of the music, and that’s part of the reason why I loved them before I even listened in. And then I did.

Mix one part Beware of Safety, one part attitude and one part originality, and you have Deadhorse. Their sound is very dreary at some points, including the opening of the album, but that’s just the beginning. Songs such as “Questions for Which There Are No Answers” are little sleepers in the album:they start off really soft and pretty, and then come CRASHING in with a wave of energy and emotion that it completely overwhelms you. It draws you in with it’s beautiful piano, spits you back out with booming, distorted guitar and thudding drums. Whatever you were feeling, set it aside, and let WCCOOW sweep you in for one hell of an album. It finishes up with “The Long Rain”, a song that many listeners may ignore, but I feel wraps it all up and gives it a memorable end. I listened to this album many, many times, and I never get bored. It’s like picking up your favorite book and discovering why you love it again and again. I seriously recommend this for anyone who loves post-rock.

Rating: I am giving these guys a 5/5 powder kegs for an explosive performance that leaves me craving the next installment. Incredible work.





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