My Iron Lung- No Such Thing (2010)

Posted: January 4, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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[Edit #2: I really shit on these guys the first time, and I don’t understand why. They are actually pretty talented and deserved a better write-up than they got. Here’s their redemption. Or mine.]

Mix with The Used, some early 90’s emo and some hardcore posse vocals and you have My Iron Lung, a four-piece band from San Diego, California. You like emotionally charged lyrics? Here you go. Bitter, violent screaming? Got that too. I can’t exactly pin a genre on these guys, but I guess that’s just another thing that makes this band great.

The lead track really is my favorite. I love the raw energy and the feeling that you get from it. The second track kind of has a Circle Takes The Square sound to it (minus the girl vocals) during the verses, and it’s a nice touch. The only real draw back I see from this album is the clean, whiny chorus in “Where She Left Her Ghost” and sometimes the group vocals get either boring or out of tune. Other than that, these guys have such an incredible sound. Honestly, you can feel the passion that they play with. I feel that the drummer is actually really talented and the vocals besides from that one chorus drive into you, screaming the way you want to scream the last time someone broke your heart or you just felt that everything in your life isn’t going the way you want.

Rating: 3/5 kegs for an emotion-riddled roller coaster. The vocals need to mature a little, but they are really the only thing that takes this band down a small peg. If they toned down the System Of A Down vocals at some points and stuck to the singing/incredible screaming they could make a ground-breaking emo/screamo band.





[Endnote: I spoke to the vocalist about his album after I shit on it, and he said something that really opened my eyes:

At first, [you] might not understand or really feel the emotion that was placed in those songs, but if you listen long enough, you might become more familiar and see what kind of moods and emotions we were trying to [convey].

It was the simple, honest truth. Seriously, check out the album.]


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