Glasses – The Ills Of Life

Posted: January 4, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in To Be Sorted
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Glasses hails from Germany, and I say Germany because somehow these people have managed to live in different parts of the country and put together a solid album.

Featuring started up in 2008 by Ex-Perth Express, the 244 Gl, The F.A. and Trainwreck/Eaves Members.  and after releasing a self titled 12″ and split 7″ with Comadre,  The Ills Of Life is there most recent release on Vendetta Records.

The album opens with “Vertigo” starts with a heavy drop c tuned riff  and a slow, plodding, build up into a southern metal inspired breakdown that quickly spills over into the next track “full throttle”, with a small filler track in the middle, the album continues to pulverize with Into The Wild and Glasses take on the Nirvana’s “Scentless Aprentice“.

Rating:Glasses “The Ills Of Life” as an album is solid, it manages to make Hardcore fun again and avoids for the most part the trappings of a genre where it is easy to be lazy. 4 out of 5 kegs.




DL: Glasses “The Ills Of Life”

Buy:Bis Auf Missur


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