Enriques Favorite Albums Of 2010

Posted: December 31, 2010 by Is This Revolutionary? in To Be Sorted
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I really struggled with making this list, there was a lot of great music this year, but I feel the albums I have picked have really left a strong impression on me and are also doing amazing things and need the recognition they deserve.


Snowing “I Can Do Whatever I Wanted If I Wanted”

Catchy midwestern emo from Pennsylvania, full of humorous, anecdotes, references to authors and movie that you have seen a million times and off-key singalongs.  It is a fun, emotional record that goes great with a night of heavy drinking. Easily on of my favorites of the year, the Vinyl release is in January.

DL:  Snowing “I Can Do Whatever I Wanted If I Wanted”

Lantlos – “.neon”

 Lantlos “.neon” was another creative force that pushed the limits of atmospheric black metal, incorporating elements of post-rock, clean vocals, and jazzy breakdowns. This was truly a work of art that deserves serious recognition.

DL: Lantlos – .neon


Rvivr – S/T

Matt Canino (Latterman) and Erica Freas of Hooky  join up to form RVIVR. With laid back and melodic punk that is super catchy that builds momentum and explodes into a shout along choruses that are super infectious. Rvivr has managed to make it own sound apart from Latterman and really one of the most enjoyable records of 2010. make sure to catch them live when you can.


BUY FROM Rumbletowne records

Teenage Cool Kids/ Daniel Striped Tiger Split

One of the stranger splits this year, lo-fi po punk act Teenage Cool Kids and post-hardcore Daniel Striped Tiger put out a catchy 7″ that is fun as hell. TCK has the stronger side and “Clumsy Anthems” is the stronger of the two songs. It is all over the distros so you shouldnt have a hard time finding this.




Kelis –  Flesh Tone  

Bouncing back from a divorce from none other than Nas, having a baby and grabbing the spotlight back, 2010 was a huge year for Kelis. “Flesh Tone” is an album that flows like a DJ mix filled to the brim with production from David Guetta (who ever thought HE would be on here?!) Will.I.Am and The Bloody Beetroots.  Acapella was all over the place this summer, everyone from my Dad, Drag Queens and those Banji girls on the corner where playing this album. If you slept on this cop it and pretend like you knew about this album all year.

Kelis – Acapella  (mp3)

Kelis – Brave (mp3)

Swans – My Father Wil Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky

It has been thirteen yearssince the last release by Swans. This album is departure from the sounds of The Great Annihilator and Greed. Acoustic guitars analog synths, trombones, musicals all buld up to a terrifying vison obbsessed with children, parents, legacy in a grim unflinching manner. Devendra Banharts appearench on “You Fucking People Make me Sick” actually adds to the desolate atmosphere of this album. in sort, grim, gorgeous and Mr.Gira doing what he does best.

DL: Swans – My Father Wil Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky

I want to give a big thanks to all my friends who have helped out with this site, Darrah, Jeremy for getting it up and running, Ben for being a busy bee and Sal for being the sassy dude and Vin for being a rock. Have a happy New Year and The Is This Revolutionary family sends its love.


  1. There are times that i dont read more than two lines but i think you have a unique blog. Cheers !

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