Ben’s Best of 2010

Posted: December 31, 2010 by Is This Revolutionary? in General Discussion, Reviews
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Howdy, folks. Coming into the new year, we’ve pretty much revamped ourselves. We have a domain name now (so we don’t look like those other lame blogs), more regular posts and what appears to be a fan-base (maybe). Ricky’s doing this entirely different, so I thought I might as well just go about this my own way and give you my best of 2010.

1. Album of the Year

Cicada- Over the Sea, Under the Water [Review Here]

Seriously, this one still gives me chills. Cicada, the little band from Tiawan has made a big splash on the scene with their first EP, which is absolutely beautiful. They’re so unique with their choice of instruments that it’s hard to ignore; the band has no drummer and favors violin and piano over the conventional electric guitar and bass. Their sound was unlike any other this year, and that’s why they take the top prize in my eyes.

2. Best New Band of 2010

Niño Koi [Review of Alegorias]

Probably the most fun review I’ve written thus far was this band’s album. Much like And So I Watch You From Afar, you can just feel the energy coming off of their instruments. Plenty of bass, not much sparkly filler, just some solid post-rock from Costa Rica. The opening lines do the rest of the album so much justice and really set the mood for the journey they take you through.

3. Best Demo of the Year

Some Are Gods- Demo (2010) [Our Review]

I feel that this deserves it’s own category because I get sent a lot of demos, and they’re not exactly finished EP’s, but they have so much potential and talent that they deserve to be showcased. Some Are Gods, a 4 piece band from Louisiana, are great musicians, but above all, are a great bunch of dudes. They’re so dedicated to their music, so passionate about the stuff they play, that the 3 song demo they released will be more than just a demo; it’ll be a short, little soundtrack to a period of your life. Just one listen through, and the music will do so much better than my words at describing how great this release is.

4. Band To Look For in 2011

Some Are Gods

Anything that could be said about them was said in the last section or in their review. Spectacular. Check out our interview with them.

Interview with Some Are Gods.

5. Most Anticipated Album of 2011

Beware of Safety/Giants Split -With Chakotey At The Helm…/Cut Into Stars [Order Here]

First signs of life by either band in almost 2 years. Giants took a break from touring, and honestly, I thought they were gone for good. But, thankfully, they wrote some awesome tunes and will release it with Beware of Safety (which is awesome). Preorders are being accepted now, so jump on it while you still can.

That’s it, kiddies. 2010 got us off on a good start; now let’s hope 2011 can bring us some more great music and a bigger Is This Revolutionary? Family. I have truly come to appreciate everyone I have worked with and all the new friends I’ve gathered. Most of all, I have the best blogmate in the entire world, and I couldn’t wish for anyone better. Thanks, Ricky.



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