Niño Koi- Alegorias (2010)

Posted: December 28, 2010 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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Leave your belongings behind

Costa Rica has always been beautiful for many reasons: the weather, the beaches and the bitches. Out of such a paradise comes Niño Koi, a 5 piece post-rock band with extraordinary talent. Out of the gate, you’re taken on a musical journey. Their songs have so many unique parts that it’s not just peaceful, it’s fun to listen to. “Sin Título” has this insane base drum beginning and the lead track has heavy base. Actually, their use of bass is really what sets them apart from a lot of bands now: it’s the base drum that’s not really used as a undertone, but it brought out into the forefront and used just like a guitar would be. I have to listen to an album over and over again while writing their review to truly know what I’m talking about, but I find that the albums I really love are the ones I pick up after I’ve already reviewed them, and I feel that this one is going to be on my playlist for a very long time. Good job, guys.

Rating: 4/5 kegs. Seriously, I love the feel, I love the bass. It’s just fun to listen to because it’s playful in it’s uses of tracks and instruments.



  1. Sylvitans says:

    Hello ! I’m new on this forum, hope to talk to you soon 🙂
    I love carsn seotons and tuning, and you ?

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