SQRM – Rodeo LP

Posted: December 22, 2010 by Is This Revolutionary? in Band, General Discussion, hardcore, noise rock, punk, Shows, To Be Sorted, Video
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“Cut my strings, So I can dance all over your fucking face.”

I actually find myself having a really hard time reviewing this record, because I am currently over caffeinated, nursing a hangover and sitting in my cubicle for the next 5 hours. All I really want to say is SQRM will fuck you face.

RODEO has a very basic, raw, animal vibe that reminds me of Jesus Lizard tearing itself apart in the back of a porn store. Super sexually charged, headache inducing and pissed off songs like “Fuck to Survive” churn, throb and crush everything in its way. “Upsidedown Cross” is a filthy jam that just shits on everything. “Raw Split” starts out with a few spoken words and just let you know that we don’t like you and “Its a fucking curse” being brought to life.

RODEO was mixed by Chris Corry and DFJ of MIND ERASER fame, sold out their vinyl via YOUTH ATTACK in a stupid amount of time.

Rating: This album gets a 4 outta 5, it leaves you battered, bruised and covered in bodily fluids. The bar has been raised, better adjust accordingly.




Download – SQRM -RODEO

Buy Here (sold out already!)

here is a video of them killing it back in February at DAD CITY


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