CALLS- Demos (2010)

Posted: December 21, 2010 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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Ah…Long Island. From the Ska scene of the late 90’s to the pop-punk boom of today, New York’s little tail is always so abundant in underground music, but a relatively small amount of bands from their actually make it big. This leads me to CALLS, a little post-rock duo out of Medford, who is in the underground of the underground: a seemingly unknown genre in a seemingly unrecognized part of New York. Well, that’s when something amazing happened: they don’t suck! Actually, they are quite good for a beginning demo. Granted, there are only two of them, but most of the time you couldn’t tell. The music isn’t flashy in the least; nothing that really pops out as either “This is genius!” or “This is awful!”, but it’s a solid demo nonetheless. My favorite track off this is “Nothing Massive”, which has a strikingly heavy drumbeat and great closing.

These guys have only produced a demo, and they’ve already got a Big Cartel page, a Twitter and a Facebook. Talk about really knowing how to network. Check them out.

In addition, they’ve just been signed to Pirate Ship records, so we’ll cover more of their stuff as it comes out.

Is This Revolutionary?: CALLS is a band from Long Island that makes music in a genre that really becomes repetitive and hackneyed. Echoing guitar cords, exploding crash symbols, it’s all been done before. What really stands out here is the fact that, sure, they include all of those standard elements, but they are placed in such a way that keeps you interested. Hopefully, since this is just their first demo, CALLS will put out music with some more unique bits, but overall it’s really not bad.

Rating: 2/5 Kegs. Not the worst I’ve ever heard, not the best either, but it’s a promising start.

Download here


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