Lemuria – “Get Better”

Posted: December 20, 2010 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, punk, Reviews, To Be Sorted
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Occasionally we need to revise the past and then move forward. The end of the year is about a week away and 2010 has personally been a year of ups and downs, crying with friends and alone in my basement apartment. Laughing with former lovers over drinks and smoking with the late night booty calls.

Saturday night I was alone, more than a little drunk and definitely more than a little stoned, I was kinda lonely and the apartment was a bit too quiet for my liking. I put on Lemuria ‘Get Better” [Asian Man 2008].  Opening with Pants, a song about the nervous feelings of new love with sing along inducing one liners sung sweetly by Sheena Ozzella.  The album really sonically picks up where 90’s boy-girl bands like The Breeders left off.

Just coming off a relationship almost two years long and about to give the boot to a new guy, Ozella and Kerns lyrics where especially poignant  “Buzz” has Ozzella recounting the decision to end a relationship. Which most recently, took place with some liquid courage.

Wardrobe discusses going through the clothes os a dead loved one, but in a sense could go hand in hand in going through the residual leftover physical reminders that end up all over the place, I know I have left my share of sweaters and furry hats around.

Lemuria pulls off Get Better that really straddles the line between pop and punk, managing to have a few ballads and songs about unfulfilled relationships without coming of as hackneyed and unsatisfying like some albums in the genre.  Quick, to the point and moves on.

I managed to get myself to the couch after listening to the album, the hangover was bad, the break up, while leaves me alone again felt like some weird resolution and I have rediscovered my love for a solid band.

RATING: Lemuria – Get Better gets 4 kegs




Download – Lemuria “Get Better”

Buy “Get Better” here


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