Gregory’s Raincoat- The Demo’s (2010)

Posted: December 19, 2010 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Band, Reviews
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Gregory’s Raincoat is a band from Bandung, West Java, Indonesia that play good, solid pop-punk/indie. Honestly, their sound drifts from the occasional post-rock riff to a hardcore-punk crash cymbal beat, but always find themselves back to a good, old fashioned rock music, and there’s nothing wrong with that. In a day and age where it’s either screaming vocals or whiny, suicide-bound frontmen, Gregory’s Raincoat’s vocals are just where they should be: on-pitch, clean, with a tiny bit of falsetto. Overall, they are a good listen, 15 minutes or so to hear them all out. Sure, some of their songs aren’t in English, but I think that’s the beauty of it: they are able to give off the emotion of their songs not by words, but how they sound. My favorite song is “At Last, We Are, No One” because they song just sounds so fluid; the guitars sound like something out of Interstellar 5555, and the chorus line is catchy. “Kalian Tidak Mengerti” is also really good if you like something a little bit off the beaten path: their sound drifts from a melodic post-rock sound to a driving punk with vocals that sound like something from right underneath your X record. “Brown” has a fast, hardcore-punk opening with a snare drum that carries you through the entire song.

They just released a new song, “The Poet’s Laureate”, which you can pick up here.

Listen to the rest of their demo songs on their Myspace and check out their Facebook as well.


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