Snowing “I Can Do Whatever I Wanted If I Wanted”

Posted: December 16, 2010 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Generes, Reviews, Shows, To Be Sorted
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In  2009 Snowing made some big waves with Fuck Your Emotional Bullshit, a look into emotional vomit of a Kinsella inspired band that plays messy, emotionally raw and catchy as fuck songs about your life.

ICDWIWIIW is a strangely intertwined set of 11 tales of drinking too much, angst, and the drifting of friendships, taking unexpected turns. for example in the song Mark Z. Danielewski touches on the songs namesakes Magnum Opus House Of Leaves and Tobais Funke. The structure of the songs manages to capture the frantic feeling of a mind racing with thoughts.

What personally made this album really strike a chord with me, personally was the way these songs manage to convey the hidden feelings that I myself have wrestled with, my feelings of pride, being frustrated with life turned out and still keeping that torch for that one special person burning even though you know its bad.  These guys have managed to capture the frustration of a my peers twenties and put them into a sing along and parts you will scream in your cars.

Download the album for free at Count Your Lucky Stars and if you’re in the Lehigh Valley area of PA catch their special Xmas day show

Saturday, December 25th
Secret Art Space
Bethlehem PA
7pm // 50 cents
All Ages // No Booze

Rating: Five out of five kegs




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