I’m So Sorry (Tim Kasher “The Game Of Monogamy” review)

Posted: December 13, 2010 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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“I shall remember this hour of peace: the strawberries, the bowl of milk, your faces in the dusk. Mikael asleep, Jof with his lute. I shall remember our words, and shall bear this memory between my hands as carefully as a bowl of fresh milk.”
– The Seventh Seal by Ingmar Bergman

I’ve been sitting here for nearly an hour trying to figure out how to articulate my feelings on this record, because believe you me, there’s a whole lot to go around. Half a pack of cigarettes gone and all I know is this: I can’t stop listening to it, and it’s ruining my alone time. Also, I know it’s unorthodox to begin something like an album review with an epigraph, but we’ll get there. Anyway, back to Tim.

Tim Kasher, frontman and genius behind both Cursive and The Good Life, (two powerhouses in their own respects) has a serious knack for writing albums. Tim is not a line writer and not a songwriter, he is a big old concept man. And without delving too much into his past musical masterpieces, I believe his discography speaks for itself. But back to the album at hand. The Game of Monogamy is an experiment in emotion. Which is to say, it is an experiment and testament to exactly how much feeling one could inject in an album and ask it’s audience how not to feel every single moment of it. I would use a roller coaster, but that image is far too overused to compare to something like this. So I’ll use about a decade of real life. That’s what Tim is doing. He is injecting all of the lonely and terrifying nights, all of the bright moments, all of the wasted hours, the years adding up on the calender, all of the looking back wondering, all of the drunk mornings and all of the fear of a decade into thirty-eight minutes of your life and asking you, “how do you feel?”. And your answer, if you’re anything like me, is terrified.

I know I haven’t harked on what the album sounds like, exactly. And to be frank, it sounds a little like a Good Life album with a big budget. But that would be doing it a disservice. The Game of Monogamy isn’t just Album of the Year Part Two: Electric Boogaloo, it’s something so different from that. The album’s range of lyrical content is really only paralleled by it’s range in auditory content. This record comes at you with soring orchestral melodies, a layered and wild sounding backup band and Tim’s signature howl, but showing an odd restraint at times with a few tracks of minimal sounds at all behind him. Past that, his words are becoming more fierce and more personal by the moment. If I was going to pick a real motif of this record (which I’m about to), it’s definitely fear. Fear of growing old, fear of growing up, fear of dying, fear of God, fear of loneliness, fear of responsibility.

Here’s where the quote comes in. Searching my room for inspiration of what to compare The Game of Monogamy to, I found my copy of The Seventh Seal I bought for curiously cheap when Barnes and Noble was having a sale on Critereon DVD’s (the best week of the year for me). I remembered instantly the weeks of my life after seeing that movie, and the amount of times I have, much like an ex-alcoholic hanging out in bars and drinking seltzer water because it’s all he knows, forced myself to sit through it. Bergman made the first film I had ever seen in my life to take all of the fears of being a human being and paste them up with art and with craft onto the screen for me to watch. And Tim Kasher has made that in music for me, wrapped it up all-together and called it “The Game of Monogamy”.

Enough of my coffee-addled ramblings. If you’re having a good day, a bad day, the best or worst day, or you’re just a good old-fashioned emotional masochist like me, do yourself a favor; curl up in a ball with this record and ruin your week with it. It’s well worth it.

Buy:The Game Of Monogamy from Saddle Creek

Download: Tim Kasher – The Game Of Monogamy


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