Feature Friday: Maybeshewill

Posted: November 19, 2010 by Is This Revolutionary? in To Be Sorted

Fridays at Is This Revolutionary? are going to change for the better. Now, with the power invested in us, we’re going to bring you a new interview every Friday (barring our interviewees being forgetful). This week, we are proud to bring you Maybeshewill, a band of epic proportions.

Ben: What is the meaning behind the name of your band?

John Helps: It doesn’t mean anything – unless you want it to i guess – we picked a series of syllables which sounded pleasant together, hence it being run together with no spaces.

B: What genre of music do you classify yourselves as?

J: We don’t – I don’t think many bands classify themselves. It would be restricting to say anything more than that we’re an instrumental band – except we use vocals, so even that is inaccurate. we get described as ‘Post-Rock’ a great deal, but we’ve never really been influenced by other bands that fall in to that genre. Being catagorised is useful for listeners because they can use it to describe you easily and make connections to other bands, but we just write music without thinking about it.

B: Where do you find the inspiration to write your music?

J: All over the place and not necessarily from musical places. It’s a really difficult question to answer without going in to specifics, which it would be remiss of me to do.

B: What’s been the best/worst thing about being in your band?
J: Best is easily touring – we’ve been to so much of the world already, and we’re hoping to see a lot more of it before we’re done. Worst is more difficult – There’s nothing about being in this band that’s particularly unpleasant. Touring is a pretty bipolar experience – you go from real highs to real lows quite quickly when you’re crammed in a small space with three people for weeks on end without regular showers and beds – but it’s all about riding that out.

B: Pinpoint Music stated that your last album, “…should have been a lot better.” How do you all handle the negative criticisms?

J: Ha ha! I hadn’t seen that, but thanks for bringing it up! I guess it’s sort of a nihilistic pleasure, but i tend to read as many of our reviews as possible. I read some awful ones and some great ones about our first album, and i read some awful and some great ones about the second one. I could take that review apart and point out where he contradicts himself countless times, and where he completely misses the point of the album (It’s called ‘Sing The Word Hope In Four-Part Harmony’ – It’s not a negative record) but at the end of the day, that’s one persons opinion and someone else might love that record and hate Not For Want Of Trying. I guess you deal with it by remembering that.

B: What gear do you guys use?

J: We use all sorts – different stuff on record and live. Mostly Gibson guitars (SGs and ES-335s) Marshall Heads (JCM 800’s and JVM’s) and a whole tonne of pedals. I’m a big fan of the Electro Harmonix Graphic fuzz for distortion, and I think Rob uses a Boss overdrive / distortion. Holy grail reverbs, EHX Cathedral reverbs, Boss and EHX delays… Jamie plays a Squire bass with three strings through a Marshall bass amp, because that’s how he rolls. Jim uses Tama drums and Zildjian cymbals mostly. All the electronics run off a Macbook in Ableton for stability, but it’s programmed in all sorts of stuff that would be too tedious to go in to i think!

B: Is there going to be any new Maybeshewill merchandise to look forward to in the future?

J: We’re just selling off the last load of stuff on this tour, so once that’s all gone we’ll have some new stuff for sure.

B: Any favorite places to have toured?

J: Japan and Russia for me, but everywhere has been fun – including the UK. I guess those stand out because we were really out of our comfort zone – so far from home and in countries with cultures that are so different to what we’re familiar with. The shows there were massive too, so wins all round.

B: Will you be coming to the United States anytime soon?
J: We’d love to, but not having a label or distribution out there is a sticking point. Flights and Visas are ridiculous costs for an independent band, so we’re looking in to it, but there are no plans at present.

B: What have been your favorite bands to play with? Who would you love to play with?

J: We’ve toured with loads of awesome bands – Worriedaboutsatan, &U&I, These Furrows, Death Of London – and they’ve all been incredible. We did three tours with And So I Watch You From Afar, all of which were amazing, so maybe if we had to pick one… I’m not sure who we’d like to play with – we all have very different tastes in music, so these kind of things tend to fall in to place rather than being planned.

If you haven’t already checked these guys out, do so here:





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