Blut Aus Nord “What Once Was…Liber 1”

Posted: November 18, 2010 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Band, Black Metal, Reviews
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Hailing from  Mondeville, Calvados, France, Blut Aus Nord plays black metal by their rules. Shunning the traps most BM bands fall into, they really distance themselves from the corpse paint, burning crosses, satanic themes of their contemporaries and focus on developing their sound from your run of the mill black metal to something more avant-garde, drawing from influences from shoegaze and even some free from.

What Once Was…Liber 1 is less polished than previous albums. What Once was is super dark and foreboding, with fast tremolo picking, blast beats, evil, distorted vocals and a super dark album cover all merge together to form an aggressive, pissed off album. The Vinyl itself is only labeled “side a’ and “side b”

While not BaN strongest release, What Once Was…liber1 is an exercise in pure unadulterated BM, stripped of all preventions and of the typical formula. Pick up a physical copy if you can. you wont be disappointed.

Download: Blut Aus Nord – What Once Was…Liber 1

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