Buried Inside (1997-2010)

Posted: November 15, 2010 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Band, Reviews, Shows
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“Death comes in time. Death comes with time.”

Buried Inside played their last show this Saturday in Ottawa. Their website removed, their Myspace finalized, the current atmosphere was pretty much summed up by their last message left for their followers, “That Is All She Fucking Wrote.”  Though it didn’t come as a shocker to most fans, I was still stunned when November 13th hit. Even now, listening to “Social Skingraft”, it still hasn’t truly hit me that Buried Inside is dead.  Over a span of 13 years, this Canadian powerhouse produced 4 incredible albums, including last year’s Spoils of Failure, probably their best work in terms of production and quality. Okay, I’m not going to lie, Buried Inside’s music wasn’t for everyone, but their lyrics drove into the heart like a piercing arrow, digging deep at human emotion, social constructs and just the universe in general. In could connect to all people at all levels, a trait not shared by many bands. They were so talented, so intense, that it’s absolutely unbelievable that they were as undiscovered as they were. They played such amazing shows (as I’m sure Ricky could tell you more about) and they really did bring the listener a new way of seeing the world. I never got to pay my final respects in Canada, so, in closing, thank you Buried Inside for all of the good, quality music you brought into this world, and all the minds you’ve opened. Rest in peace.

In Case You’ve Lived Under A Rock:

In and of the Self  (1999)

Suspect Symmetry (2001)

Chronoclast (2005)

Spoils of Failure (2009)


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