Red Sparowes- The Fear Is Excruciating, But Therein Lies the Answer

Posted: November 12, 2010 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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I know what you’re probably thinking: “Ben, like, way to be late. Like, this album came out in, like, April.” Yeah, well, shut the hell up. I missed the boat a bit, yes, I get it, but that does not mean this album doesn’t deserve some kind of review. I was never big on the post-metal (that’s more of Ricky’s deal), but I’ve always had respect for Isis. When I finally stumbled upon Red Sparowes, I had no idea they had some members of one of the most influential post-metal bands of all time. What I did do was get the entire discography and listen to it, from beginning to end, before I wrote this piece. This review may not be from a long time fan, but a fan nonetheless.

Okay, to make a long story short, this album is incredible. The track “Giving Birth to Imaginary Saviors” was so perfectly written I don’t have the heart to press pause whenever it comes on my play list. The album definitely blends together and conveys emotion that I don’t think has come out of this genre since Caspian’s Tertia (2009), and certainly doesn’t give off that generic feel some modern post-rock bands give off (there are a couple of bands I’d like to put here, but I know I’ll just be shooting myself in the foot later on).  One thing I have to say about this album is that I’m never board. Sometimes I’ll get lost in post-rock albums because they’ll never do anything to totally keep my attention (, Red Sparrowes pulls you in with every second of this album, making it one of my top picks for 2010.

Rating: For me, it certainly is. Maybe for people who knew of Red Sparowes’ existence longer than just a week ago, it’s not, but I truly feel changed from experiencing this album. 4.5/5 kegs.

Download here


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