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Okay, I’m not going to lie, when I got the opportunity to interview Signal Hill, I told absolutely everyone around me. I was so psyched to hear from one of my favorite post-rock bands, and I am happy to have the privilege to offer each and every single one of you all a free download of “California Is Too Long” at the end of this interview.

1. You posted on your Facebook that you have “new tunes in the works”. Does that mean we’re going to see a new album really soon?

dave: definitely a new album, not sure on the really soon part! we have just begun working on some new tunes and have some other demos that we started writing during the Distance recording that we are going to revisit. with 2 of us in los angeles, one in san diego, and one in ny, the process will be a little slow, but thats not gonna stop us!

2. Speaking of new album, Distance was absolutely incredible. Where do you find the inspiration for your music?

dave: thank you so much! we appreciate the kind words and we are really proud of it. overall, distance was a new and different experience for us as rishi was living in scotland. normally, for our previous releases, we spent many hours together in a practice space, hashing through ideas etc. but didnt have that luxury with this one.  we spent a lot of time writing the songs via demos sent back and forth via email etc. once we were ready with enough material to hit the studio, we booked the time and rishi was able to come out and record a few of the songs we had never played together live as a band until the night before we went to record them. they felt great  playing them together finally, and we knew we would be happy at the end of it.  I guess the inspiration and overall the theme for distance, we are good friends who love to play music with each other, and have always wanted to write honest music that we would listen to ourselves. with rishi leaving, we wanted to continue to pursue writing and sharing tunes together and distance was the culmination of that.

3. Which bands have inspired you the most?

Brian – American Football, Tristeza and The Gloria Recorddave: mineral, christie front drive, tristeza, the mercury program

rishi – death cab for cutie, pinback, tristeza, american football

tim – the mercury program, the cinematic orchestra

4. Who are some of your favorite post-rock contemporaries?

dave: tristeza & the mercury program

Brian – Unwed Sailor, Tristeza, Eluvium and Explosions in the Sky

rishi – all india radio, hammock, the mercury program

5. Rishi’s got a new solo album for his side project. Can you tell us more about it?

rishi: Sure! I’ve been writing and recording songs for as far back as I can remember. Some of my old tapes are safely tucked away in my closet somewhere, which is probably for the better! This solo album is more or less a continuation of that individual activity that has always been a part of my life. The project is called “avesta.sweden” and the new album (set for release december 2010) is titled “this year i will forget”. The title is inspired by the ever-changing nature of life- new cities, new jobs, new apartments, new friends, new bands, new loves, new hates. There is too much to remember. I would rather organize it by month, seal it in an envelope, and gently place it in my closet (next to my old tapes). i’ll look at it later when i want to feel old. anyways, 11 tracks. around 50 minutes of music. some vocals. some instrumentals. songs were written and recorded between 2005 and 2010. so this release has been a long time comin’. can’t wait for it to finally be finished! updates can be found at

6. Whenever I’ve spoken to anyone about Signal Hill, without fail, the track California Is Too Long has come up. What about that song makes it so extraordinary? Why did you decide to remake it for your last album?

this was a song that we always liked playing live and a few years back our good friend Nicolas told us we should release that song on a (white) seven inch one day. we kept that in the back of our mind and even toyed with the idea of doing an acoustic version of the song…. but we knew we didnt want to have the same version from the original ep.  a few months before rishi left for scotland (and right after we released More After We’re Gone),  we just started jamming it again after it was shelved for a few months and came up with a newer ending. we liked the newer ending a lot, and decided that we wanted to re-track it to ultimately put it on the 7″.

7. The sample in California Is Too Long practically made me, and a couple of other fans I know personally, fall in love with your band. Can you tell us where it came from and what it means?

tim: a few of us had been dating people who lived across the state or country and though the title is Rishi’s, the sample was written up by me and was quite a bit longer, but cut down to fit the middle silence and was written with the feeling of urgency and of wanting to get back to someone when it seemed impossible because of the distance)

8. What has been your favorite city to preform in? Why?

dave: Not being a band that has the opportunity to do extensive touring, besides LA (which we love playing in), it would be Phoenix or the Bay Area. Phoenix, partly because its my hometown and get to see lots of old friends etc. and the bay area, simply for their love in music and having a great time. We’ve always had fun in both of those places.

Brian – San Francisco is always a great city to visit, something new to see and do every time we visit.  We manage to get a good handful of friends to see us play as well.  Melbourne, Australia was also great, we had an opportunity to play two shows there each completely unique in their own way.  The first night was at a large well known venue that included a 4 foot stage, sound, bar and lights.  The other was much like a DIY warehouse party, some friends set up a DJ booth, it was $5 at the door and it was totally BYOB, met a lot of new faces and friends and after the bands played it was like a big dance party.

tim – SF because I love the city an we have great friends who often host us, and Melbourne for the same reason and the complete foreignness of it all.

rishi – San Diego, San Francisco and Phoenix

9. Any plans for a tour soon? –

we are actually beginning discussions for our first ever east coast tour in spring of 2011 (likely NYC, Boston, and Philly)

As promised, here is the download link for California Is Too Long, kindly offered by Signal Hill. These guys are absolutely fantastic, so I wholeheartedly suggest you check them out. Maybe they’ll inspire you as much as they’ve inspired me.

California Is Too Long: Original/Alternate


  1. Paul Noble says:

    I love these cats! Music is genuine and wholesome. Such great writing and I must say, I am never bored of putting Signal Hill on replay. Great interview and it would be awesadical to see Signal Hill in AZ again soon. Looking forward to more from this band and hope more people plug in and get Sigg-a-fied! Much love, Paul Noble

  2. theguitarnoob says:

    Signal Hill is definitely one of my favorite bands. Their music is absolutely gorgeous and there is never a wrong time to play it. Its great that they are still writing an album across the country! Can’t wait for more amazing tunes. I hope they keep music for as long as I can get my hands on a computer! So beautiful.

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