Cough “Ritual Abuse”

Posted: November 9, 2010 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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Ritual Abuse, the new album by Cough is one of the best psych/doom metal albums this year, so let’s get that out-of-the-way.  Full of slow, crushing riffs, Ritual Abuse is an exercise in Sabbath and Sleep  worship to the extreme. Full of distorted, echo stuffed clean vocals only to give way to throaty, hateful screams. The album itself was based on “70’s styled Satanism” which in my book is always a good starting point.

The vinyl comes with some amazing artwork done by Glyn Smyth  (who does some amazing work if you don’t already know) If I was a William Burroghs level junkie, then this album would be my soundtrack for life. Download this, take your drug of choice and en-fucking-joy.


Download :Cough -“Ritual Abuse”

Buy Here

  1. Sierra Peterson says:

    Um, well I was searching for info on CIA sponsored brainwashing programs but actually Cough is some pretty amazing doom. Nice art too. Thanks for the tip.

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