AS WE DRAW-”Lines Breaking Circles”

Posted: November 8, 2010 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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French post-metal band AS WE DRAW sent me their album ‘Lines Breaking Circles”. It is an interesting mixture of Cult Of Luna and Botch, seems like they are pretty proud of their work:

As if you haven’t had enough of these Isis, Cult Of Luna cocksuckers, with their so-called cheesy parts and badass cathartic sonic explosions… Of course, one can wonder about the relevence of playing some post-metal in 2010. But when it’s done with such talent, such faith as these three young guys from Laval, either you take your hat off to them, or either your heart is made of dog food. «Lines Breaking Circles», is made for those who are still crying over Breach’s split and years when Cult Of Luna still made you have a boner. This is quite a severe reproof to all those who spend more time twitting their promo photos than polishing their art in the studio. These guys are true workaholics and such gifted aesthetes that they’re starting to get sickening. Especially knowing that they can kick your ass on stage as well as on your turntable. But you can’t really hate them, can you? Not when you listen to these killer choruses sponsored by Kleenex on «Scum Of The Earth» or those huge slaps on «Draft» or again…

It took me a few listens to actually get into the record, I enjoyed it for what it is; a solid and heavy as fuck Post-rock release with alot of Botch worship. Enjoy.


Download As We Draw “Lines Breaking Circles”


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