Hex Noir “Demo I” and “Demo II”

Posted: November 1, 2010 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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hex noir

I was really late with this one, Hex Noir was a raw black metal band hailing from Ohio. The play raw black metal with crust and d-beat influences. While nobody is re-inventing the wheel (or pentagram I guess) they demo while short, is a killer.

The first demo is very, very heavy with the Bathory and Mayhem influence. the drumming is not the best, but at least they are tolerable. The riffs are blistering and catchy and the quality is a little shitty but reminiscent of Bane Awl.

The second demo actually starts out with “Crawl” a short, but dirgery song that was kinda unexpected but awesome non the less. The quality of the second demo is much better and also al lot louder. Demo II is a lot more punky and fast than the first one, with less Bathory style BM.

unfortunately according to their MySpace “HEX NOIR IS FUCKING DEAD”

(thanks to Icoulddietommorow for the heads up on this,”



“Demo I”

“Demo II”

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