The REAL Liferuiner

Posted: October 31, 2010 by Is This Revolutionary? in Band, Reviews

“Fuck you, fuck this, fuck your mother fucking life.”

In the history of straight edge, there’s almost always been the militant and the positive: the Earth Crisis‘s and the Good Clean Fun‘s.The great part about Liferuiner is that they don’t really give a shit.Ever since 2007, Liferuiner has been putting their own spin on the genre, combining both the negative, militant with the humorous and positive. Their first album, No Saints, certainly mixed it up; they played songs funny, irrelevant titles (such as “The Alphabet Never Really Made Sense To Me”) and inspiring lyrics (“Your words can’t break integrity”) AND songs with seriously angry lyrics (“This is your end/You’ll never breathe again”). This was only further proven by 2008′s Taking Back the Night Life, containing crowd chants like “SUCK MY DICK!” along with chugging riffs and heavy breakdowns. The funniest part about them, however, comes from the band’s actual history.

Liferuiner is a Canadian band, and they are certainly proud of it. But, when Jonny OC left the band after Taking Back the Night Life, the band essentially broke up. Then, Liferuiner was suddenly rose from the grave (Halloween joke) later that year, only this time they consisted only of Americans, mostly from upstate New York. Dubbed the “American’ts” by fans of the original, Canadian band (the nickname is a play off of one of the songs from Liferuiner’s last album), they toured across the United States using the Liferuiner name and likenesses. Some of the old members of the Canadian version saw their band being torn to pieces by these new members and started back up the Canadian Liferuiner and began playing music yet again. After suing the American’ts for using their likeness, the American Liferuiner ceased and desisted and the original Liferuiner took it’s rightful place.

Now, 2 years after Taking Back the Night Life, Liferuiner is back together in its truest form. Having just completed a Canadian tour, Liferuiner has it’s sights set to Europe; currently, they have their tour booked until the 21st of December. With a new album waiting in the wings, Liferuiner looks to be back and better than ever in 2010.

Is This Revolutionary?: Liferuiner plays a style of hardcore that’s truly unmatched by anyone else in the genre. Many may sound similar, but no other band can combine goofy titles, silly crowd chants, violent breakdowns and do it all on the same album. They really may be revolutionary.

Liferuiner- No Saints

Liferuiner- Taking Back the Night Life

Liferuiner’s Myspace



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