65daysofstatic- Heavy Sky EP

Posted: October 29, 2010 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews

Heavy Sky EP

This band was one of the first I listened to when I started listening to post-rock. While other bands were more somber, slow and peaceful, they kept it fresh with electronic beats, epic riffs and just an all-around feel of originality. 5 years later, 65dos still has it, and has grown and evolved into a band that you can never really fit into one genre. That is exactly what they proved with this last release, Heavy Sky. It starts off with a remix of Tiger Girl” and a re-release of “Sawtooth Rising”, two songs featured on their last album, We Were Exploding Anyway. The beginning of the album bleeds the synthesized beats and dance-club atmosphere of WWEA, but then shifts gears a little during the track “Pacify”, which sounds more like what we’ve heard on their first 2 albums. The real tribute to The Fall of Math comes through in “PX3”, their free download off the 65dos website and also my favorite track on this album. Finally, the album caps off with “Guitar Cascades”, which probably blends all of their different styles more than any you will find on here, making us really reflect back on what they started with and causing us to look forward to what’s coming next.

Is This Revolutionary?: Not the best stuff they’ve ever created, but definitely not the worst either. Though it felt like Heavy Sky couldn’t make up it’s mind to be either an electronica or post-rock album, maybe that’s the way 65daysofstatic wanted it to be, expressive and untethered by human classifications. Even if it’s not exactly anything revolutionary, overall, it’s a good listen and certainly doesn’t make me afraid to say that I am a 65kid at heart.

Download: 65daysofstatic- Heavy Sky EP


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