Torche Was on Red Eye, Greg Gutfield gets sodomized in the ears.

Posted: October 27, 2010 by Is This Revolutionary? in General Discussion
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Torche was on Fox News “Red Eye” on Monday.  Some of the highlights of this weird ass interview were

“They pretty much sodomized my earholes” (I am twelve)

“Floor, your Original band. I bought the 92 song set off Itunes, I was really drunk” (I have done this. fuck)

“..there were a lot of guys that looked like lumberjacks, big , big  hairy guys and I was thinking this must have been a candy store

Red Eye has had as guests in the past: Pink Eyes from Fucked Up, Eric Wunder From Cobalt, and Oderus from GWAR. I guess this guy likes good music.


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